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Mel with Daisy & ApacheI absolutely adore my job. There is something so satisfying about creating images and art for people to enjoy over the years, heirlooms which will be handed down through the generations. Even if we won't last, the photos will, proof of our spark of life. That makes my heart sing.

Horses are one of my other great loves. I was the pony crazed kid who begged for lessons, summer camps, and a horse, of course. Many years and horses later, the same passion is there - just grown up, with a camera in hand. As you can likely relate, it's in my blood forever; I'll be the little old lady with blue hair and an ancient grey Arabian in the backyard.

Reed, my five-year-old son, is awesome and already loves to 'help' at the occasional event or session. He's a huge animal fan, especially of our Jack Russell and kitties, has a wicked sense of humor and is one of the sweetest kids ever. No bias, of course. His dad, Keith, kindly deals with my general horse craziness and sometimes chaotic work schedule, and for this, I'll always be thankful. He's good at making me laugh too.

Some random facts: I'm a ridiculously huge Harry Potter nerd, my restaurant of choice is Benihana, though love to cook and bake. Driving, darts, and Texas Hold 'Em are a few of my favorite non-horsey pastimes. I smile at strangers, pet all the dogs, hold doors, and rescue critters. Not big on talking about myself much but love to promote friends, clients, and businesses I believe in.

Speaking of which, I can't go to Costco with a big cart and fat wallet. It will end badly. Is there a support group? There should be.

Anyhoo, looking forward to hearing from you! Feel free to reach out even if it's just to chat.

Melanie is an international award-winning equine, pet, and portrait photographer based in Phoenix, Arizona. Get in touch by calling (480) 442-3715 or emailing info@melanie-elise.com.

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